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Transifex discount request

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Dmytro Voloshyn says:

It is website for localization.

About Transifex

The Transifex localization management platform helps companies manage, translate, collaborate and automate the overall localization process. The sophisticated technology underlying the Transifex platform allows companies to integrate localization directly into their continuous development process, streamlining the entire experience. Great for developers and product managers! Transifex is a cloud-based application built to help technology companies manage localization of almost any kind of digital content from web apps and websites, video subtitles, marketing content, documentation, and more. Transifex gives Developers, Product Managers and Architects the power, flexibility and control they require, while providing Marketers a fast, consistent and collaborative platform to quickly get projects live. Transifex allows Developers, Translators, Product Managers and Marketing Managers to all work together to create and deliver exceptional localized online experiences.

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