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Calport Technologies discount request

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gregory nicholas says:

Comodo wildcard ssl certificate secure all your domain, sub-domains and servers with a single certificate. Easy and efficient!

About Calport Technologies

Calport Technologies is a Kolkata based web hosting company. Calport is an internet services company: we are not just a website design or mobile app development company. We are not like the many Wordpress shops which produce beautiful websites. From inception we have positioned ourselves as a provider of internet services - and remained true to this even at the height of the dotcom boom of the '90s, when everyone was making millions by developing portals and selling websites. At Calport we focus on developing our own in-house platforms for a wide range of solutions such as digital marketing, web analytics, monetization and web hosting, among others. This gives us an edge over those of our competitors who resell the services of others or limit the benefit that they are able to provide to their clients to whatever IT is ready-made and available off-the-shelf. Our clients benefit by using our robust and functional solutions which we freely customize to meet subjective requirements and upon which our client's business processes run without the compromise of being force-fit into a 'one size fits all' solution. We are proud to say that we have designed and hosted hundreds of websites and have successfully implemented diverse projects related to various aspects of computer and internet based communication which have impacted millions of satisfied users in India and other countries of the world. Our mission is to enable our clients to: Fully leverage the communication capabilities of their computer networks Add value to their internet resources Communicate more effectively and economically with clients, subscribers and visitors Manage relationships with customers Have greater control over their work-group Aside from the services listed on our website, we also develop customized solutions to address niche requirements - especially if the problem is challenging or if the ‘experts’ have declared it impossible / impractical / unfeasible to do. Our short term strategy for the future is to consolidate our relationship with website owners in India by cross-selling and upselling the modular web services offered through India Exchange ( as well as the services and solutions offered on this website. Our long term strategy involves developing services which can be accessed through computers, mobile phones and other devices by users who use English as well as Indic languages. We offer professional internet services with the vision: the internet is for everyone.

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