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Docsend discount request

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Fang Cheng says:

Hi, we use docsend for sales presentations. Love the product, but we are trying out the free trial and would hope to get a discount code for continue the free account. Right now, it shows the warning, but it doesn't seem to kick us out. But we hope that we can legitimately continue to use the account. We will definitely pay for the service as soon as we get out of the startup stage :) Thanks!

About Docsend

DocSend makes business communication with documents more effective and actionable by providing analytics, feedback, and control for the documents you send. Hundreds of companies use DocSend for everything from sales and marketing to fundraising. DocSend is taking the current means of document sending and transforming it into a new and intelligent way of communicating. In the coming months, they plan to release more features centered around team usage and integrations with other systems.

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Offer requested by: Unknown-avatar Fang Cheng

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