$5 domain registration or transfer from Badger Domains

Manage all your domains in one place

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$5 domain registration or transfer from Badger Domains

Sign up today and your first registration or transfer is only $5.

  • Manage all of your domains in one place.
    Link your existing registrar accounts with your Badger account.
  • We're developer friendly.
    We have a RESTful API and an open source frontend.
  • Automatic transfers with no downtime.
    We handle all the hard parts like auth codes and DNS migration.
  • DNS shortcuts for easy configuration.
    Install popular apps quickly without touching DNS.
  • Register domains for $10 a year.
    Pricing is the same for registrations, transfers and renewals.
  • Free WHOIS privacy and forwarding.
    Privacy, DNS hosting and email/url forwarding are included.

About Badger Domains

Seriously, we make domains so easy that a first grader could do 'em!

Domains effectively drive the entire internet, shouldn't they be easier to manage? We thought so, and thus, Badger was born! You shouldn't have to auction off your house and sacrifice your first born to transfer domains, you should be able to press a button that says "Transfer Domain" and be done with it. That is our philosophy, and we think you will appreciate it.

Stop letting domain registrars badger you, and start using... Badger!

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