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Grumo videos are designed to be concise, fun, and engaging

Our videos will help you:

  • Promote your product effectively: your solution may be complex but how you explain it must be simple if you want people to listen. A demo video will make sure your audience finally understands why are you so great for them.
  • Increase your conversion rates: your visitors are impatient. You have a few seconds to grab their attention before they move on to the next webpage. A great demo video will catch their attention and will encourage them to buy your product or subscribe to your service.
  • Attract investors: VC's and Angels go through hundreds of investment opportunities and need to learn your value proposition right away. A great demo video will help them "get it" and help you raise money easier.
The Production Process

Producing an awesome demo video requires several steps, check them out:

  • Script: we take your creative brief and produce a fantastic script explaining your product in the most fun, concise, and effective way. You help us make sure we nail the message and we only move forward when you are completely satisfied with the script.
  • Voiceover: we let you select from dozens of professional male and female voiceover artists ready to go the extra mile to guarantee the perfect style, pace, and emphasis.
  • Storyboard: every line of the script is represented visually on a series of shots that illustrate the key moments and transitions the animation will have.
  • Illustration: All assets and characters are digitally illustrated and rigged for animation. We provide a few style frames before animating to ensure we nail the final look before committing to animation.
  • Animation: illustrations are finally brought to life using state of the art software under the hands of highly trained motion designers. We provide progress updates along the process to ensure you know we are on the right track.
  • Sound Design: the animation is handed over to a professional sound designer which will add sound effects and music to further enhance the final animation. We can compose custom tracks for some extra cost otherwise we typically use stock music and edit it to perfectly fit your animation.
  • Delivery: we encode the video in high resolution ready for web or broadcast television.

About Grumo Media

Grumo Media is an interactive media agency that specializes in producing concise and fun explanatory videos.

We have a special passion for startups and would love to have the chance to help you spread your story in a unique and engaging way.

Our videos are designed to help your company attract investors, promote your product effectively, and increase your conversion rates.

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