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Foundersuite is a new collection of productivity tools for entrepreneurs. Foundersuite's web apps include: Idea Validation, Investor CRM, Progress Tracker, Media Stalker and Competitive Matrix. Foundersuite also contains 69 templates for doing "nuts and bolts" work like dividing up equity, building a cap table, recruiting advisors, and much more.

Further details are as follows:

Test and refine new ideas

The Idea Validation module is where Founders invent the Next Big Thing.

Foundersuite’s Idea Summary tool helps you crystallize your vision for a new product, service, or company.

Next, use our question database and social survey tools to run focus groups of your peers, advisors, and target customers.

A/B test your ideas. Get feedback. Iterate, improve, and pull the trigger.

Streamline startup operations

Foundersuite is bringing structure to the messy job of starting a company via a curated set of spreadsheets and templates designed to help you get off the ground faster and easier.

Foundersuite’s templates help you split up equity, build a cap table, recruit advisors, create a 12-month hiring plan, and much more.

Raise money like a boss

Raising capital is hard. Investor CRM helps you run your fundraise more efficiently.

Instantly track your funding progress with our Visual Dashboard. Get help with your raise via plugins to AngelList and LinkedIn.

Keep track of notes and actions, and synch upcoming To-Dos to your Google Calendar.

In short, use Investor CRM to visualize and accelerate your funding progress – so you can spend less time chasing investors, and more time building your business.

Easy investor and advisor updates

Successful founders are adept at leveraging their network of advisors, investors, employees, and board members.

Progress Tracker helps you stay top-of-mind with those who matter the most. It’s a simple way to log major events and present key data in a visually-rich, easily-digestible format.

Track your progress. Share it with those who matter. Ask for help when needed. In short, tap your network to make your startup a success.

Monitor your peers without obsessing about them

The best founders focus on building great products and making customers happy. This should be your obsession.

But you don't operate in vacuum, and it's healthy to keep an eye on your competitors – without spending much time on it.

Competitive Matrix gives you a simple dashboard to see what's going on, along with alerts when anything has changed – new fundings, new blog posts, or just new news

Stay on top of your vertical in < 2 mins per week.

Run your own PR campaigns

Getting press coverage can be a great way to drive new customers. But most startups can't afford a PR firm, or worse, they hire ineffectual PR firms that add no value.

Media Stalker is a tool to manage your own press outreach efforts. Use it to build a target journalist list, and to get to know what they're writing about.

Brainstorm new story ideas, then use Pitch Log to manage outreach, follow ups, and successful placements. Run PR like a pro and get media coverage.

About Foundersuite

Foundersuite is a collection of tools, wizards, and templates that help startup founders execute more efficiently and effectively. Our goal is to streamline corporate housekeeping, finance, hiring, planning, and investor tasks so you can focus more on product, sales, and team activities.

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